Contact lenses are a sports person’s secret weapon if you have problems with your eyesight. In most cases,  contact lenses can immediately improve athletic performance and there is no danger of such perils as broken frames or spectacle lenses.Contact lenses don’t fog up, slide down your nose, or fall off and you can wear protective eyewear over them such as goggles or sunglasses. It all adds up to better vision when you need it.

Approximately 10% of sportsmen and women use contact lenses while a further 10% of athletes remove their spectacles before playing their sport!

If you require  contact lenses for sport , Parkstone Eyecare can help. Our experienced staff will assess your suitability for contact lens wear and advise you on the most appropriate lens type.

Contact Lenses can:
  Increase peripheral vision
  Enhance contrast and colour
  Improve depth perception
  Refine vision while moving

Most athletes find that disposable contact lenses are the best option. Disposable lenses can be replaced daily, fortnightly or monthly . Disposable lenses’ benefits include: more comfort; less maintenance; freedom from the protein deposits that can cause irritation and decrease vision.

The end result is that you see better and therefore you give yourself a greater chance of winning at your chosen sport. Parkstone Eyecare can help you to decide which system is best for you.

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