Optimal visual correction can help improve sporting performance. Surveys have shown that about half of sports people, including top ranked players, have never had an eye examination. However, when asked, most said that vision was important in their sport.

Research carried out for the Olympic Games revealed that up to 30 per cent of elite athletes have problems with their vision. Sports vision is very important to athletes’ performance.

Improving their vision and eliminating visual problems are not top priorities for most athletes – indeed many are unaware of the improvements that they could see in their performance if they got their eyes tested.

As much as 90 per cent of an athlete’s sensory input is visual, meaning success on the sporting field is largely achieved by decisions based on what is seen. Protecting your eyes is also very important, but while eye protection is available, few athletes choose to wear it.

Proper attention to sports vision ensures that:

 The right and left eyes are properly balanced

  Eye disease is avoided, spotted early and treated when appropriate

  Eyes are protected from trauma and non-ionising radiation

  Contrast is maximise

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