Research has indicated that optimal visual correction can improve sporting performance.

In most sports, success is achieved by accurately made decisions based on information obtained by vision as 85-90% of an athlete’s sensory input is visual.

To be competitive in any sport it is vital to achieve the best possible performance from the whole body — including your eyes. However, research at the Olympic Games has consistently shown that over one fifth of athletes have visual problems.

“Few realise their eyes are in danger of being injured while playing sport. Eye protection is available but few choose to wear it. This new web site enables visitors to be more aware of the specialist services that we have to offer and gives them a simple, single point of contact” said Ian Underwood, Parkstone Eyecare’s principle optician.

Ian is fully trained in sports vision and has worked with leading sports personalities. With his extensive sports vision experience Ian has assessed Olympic athletes through a British Olympic Association scheme. As well as the sports therapies an services Parkstone Eyecare also offer the standard optician’s services and an extensive range of glasses, together with a range of additional specialist treatments.

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