Colorimeter Examination and Treatment

The Colorimeter is a device used, under the direction of an optometrist, to give a precise and individual colour combination to relieve perceptual distortions in visual stress. By doing the Colorimeter examination , the optometrist can find the optimal precision tint for an individual.

The colour combination for each person will be different. Colorimeter, developed by Professor Arnold Wilkins and the Medical Research Council, gives an extremely precise reading after changing the parameters of colour – hue, saturation and brightness – while the eyes are colour adapted.

Colorimeter examination takes 20-30 minutes and is carried by specialised practitioner. Over time the optimal colour can change, particularly in the case of children, therefore regular visits are very important for re-evaluation.

If you are interested in finding out more about Colour Treatment, please contact our Poole practice to make an appointment.

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