Sports Vision FAQs:

Will sports vision training improve performance?

You can improve and sometime even eliminate most sports vision problems with training. The purpose of sports vision training is to help an athlete achieve maximum performance for each of the relevant visual abilities.

Who can benefit?

Anyone and everyone who plays sport. Assessment can be performed on an individual or a whole team. Following screening, a comprehensive report is compiled and recommendations made to improve sporting performance.

What is the right sports vision equipment for me?

Everyone is individual and no two sets of sports vision requirements are the same. Therefore, it is recommended to be assessed by an optometrist specialising in sports vision. The type of corrective equipment may be governed by laws of the game or overriding safety requirements, depending on the sport.

Appearance and design, as with all sporting equipment, are also important.

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Parkstone Eyecare offer an extensive range of sports vision appliances and will be happy to advise on the most appropriate filters and lens types to meet your sporting requirements. If you would like to make an appointment please telephone or if you have a specific enquiry regarding Sport Vision please use the form below.

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